Tell-All @ Boston Book Festival’s Lit Crawl:

Silence, Madness, Secrets, and Apologies

June 10, 2021 — 8pm


Tell-All Boston, Boston’s only live-on-stage literary reading series dedicated to the craft of memoir and personal essay, presents an irreverent reading from four debut authors—Michelle Bowdler, Molly Howes, E. Dolores Johnson, and Sebastian Stuart—emceed by actress and memoirist Alicia Googins.

This event is part of Boston Book Festival’s Lit Crawl on June 10, a night of unique and quirky literary programming over three Phases (6, 7, and 8pm) at Starlight Square and area restaurant patios in Central Square, Cambridge. This after-work literary celebration is part pub crawl, part word play. Literature lovers will not want to miss Boston Book Festival’s first live event in over a year and a half — it will surely be a night to remember. More at

SILENCE: MICHELLE BOWDLER on the relief of breaking her silence. Michelle is the author of Is Rape A Crime?—A Memoir, An Investigation, and a Manifesto (2020, Flatiron Books).

MADNESS: SEBASTIAN STUART traces the twisted family roots of his beloved cousin’s descent into schizophrenia. Sebastian’s forthcoming book is What Wasn’t I Thinking?—A Memoir of Rebellion, Madness and My Mother (July 15, 2021, Querelle Press)

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SECRETS: E. DOLORES JOHNSON on her search for her white family she didn’t know existed. Dolores is the author of Say I’m Dead: A Family Memoir of Race, Secrets, and Love (2020, Lawrence Hill Books)

APOLOGIES: MOLLY HOWES on the delicate and vital art of making amends. Molly is the author of A Good Apology: Four Steps to Make Things Right (2020, Grand Central Publishing)

Tell-All Boston is Real Stories Read Live. We are Boston’s only live-on-stage literary reading series dedicated to the art and craft of memoir. Award-winning writers, best-selling authors, and emerging stars share first-person stories that make meaning from lived experience. Our goal is to foster a community of honesty and discovery, through the power of memoir.

Tell-All Boston is brought to you by GrubStreet and curated by alumni of GrubStreet’s Memoir Incubator and Essay Incubator.