Tell-All Virtual 8:

Silence, Madness, & Secrets: Sorry About All That!

March 4, 2021 — 7pm

An online Tell-All event brought to you by the alumni of GrubStreet’s Memoir and Essay Incubators, and co-sponsored by:

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Our featured readers are all graduates of the MEMOIR INCUBATOR, a one-year, MFA-level writing program. The application deadline for the upcoming class is March 22. Visit GrubStreet for details.

SILENCE: MICHELLE BOWDLER on the relief of breaking her silence. Michelle is the author of Is Rape A Crime?—A Memoir, An Investigation, and a Manifesto (2020, Flatiron Books).

MADNESS: SEBASTIAN STUART traces the twisted family roots of his beloved cousin’s descent into schizophrenia. Sebastian’s forthcoming book is What Wasn’t I Thinking?—A Memoir of Rebellion, Madness and My Mother (May 2021, Querelle Press)

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SECRETS: E. DOLORES JOHNSON on her search for her white family she didn’t know existed. Dolores is the author of Say I’m Dead: A Family Memoir of Race, Secrets, and Love (2020, Lawrence Hill Books)

APOLOGIES: MOLLY HOWES on the delicate and vital art of making amends. Molly is the author of A Good Apology: Four Steps to Make Things Right (2020, Grand Central Publishing)

Tell-All Boston is Real Stories Read Live. We are Boston’s only live-on-stage literary reading series dedicated to the art and craft of memoir. Award-winning writers, best-selling authors, and emerging stars share first-person stories that make meaning from lived experience. Our goal is to foster a community of honesty and discovery, through the power of memoir.

Tell-All Boston is brought to you by GrubStreet and curated by alumni of GrubStreet’s Memoir Incubator and Essay Incubator.